How we’ll get there

Between October and March 2017 a series of economic summits and forums will be conducted across the Northern Territory. At the final summits at the end of March 2017 a draft economic development framework will be presented to Territorians. The draft will have been co designed with Territorians, facilitated by key partners Deloitte and the Northern Territory Government, and will identify economic development opportunities, challenges and priority actions to optimise the NT’s economic performance.

  • Commencing October 2016: targeted consultations, including co-designing the consultation process for the following phases.
  • Commencing December 2016: regional forums and summits where Territory-wide and regional themes, priorities and opportunities will be developed, based on the key factors identified in phase 1.
  • Commencing February 2017: public consultation and feedback process and a series of public forums held across the Territory.
  • March 2017: draft economic development framework presented at final Economic Summits in Alice Springs and Darwin.

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Phase 1 (Oct to Nov) Initial stakeholder consultations, Phase 2 (Dec to mid-Mar) Facilitated solution design forums, Phase 3 - (Mar) Public consultation / feedback, Phase 4 (Apr) - Territory Economic Summits

Last updated: 07 Feb 2017