What we’re working towards

The economic summits will shape the future development of the Northern Territory by developing an economic framework and long-term vision that will form the basis for our long-term decision making.

How we'll get there

The summit series is being delivered in four phases between October 2016 and March 2017. Read more about the summit process and find out how you can find out more and have your say.

This short video outlines the reasons government is holding the summit series and what they aim to achieve.

Feedback so far

The government is committed to transparent consultation and sharing the outcomes of the economic summit consultation process with all Territorians. A summary of feedback received during each stage of consultation will be published.

Discussion drafts

Draft strategies and plans will be discussed at the Economic Summits and can be downloaded or printed here. The three documents are the draft Economic Development Framework, the draft Infrastructure Strategy and the draft 10 Year Infrastructure Plan.

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